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Apple which is now the clear cut winner in the smart phone sphere has made a foray into the field of smart watches as well. But it faces a tough competition among the many smart watches that are available in the market today. Fitbit which launched its latest fitness watch Fitbit Blaze in 2016 is definitely attracting more Apple customers and is leaving them in a state of confusion. While the debate is on in social circles let us have a look at the major differences between the two contenders of the top slot.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is costlier compared to other models. It is priced at $349.99 which is way higher than other smart watches in the market today. But what works for Apple is the brand name which has definitely emerged as a status symbol. The Apple watches are quite sleek and captivating and are available in various colors and sizes. It has a battery life of 18 hours which is again dependent on usage. Fitness apps like activity app,workout app,heart rate measuring app,and also an app provides regular updates about your progress are present on this watch.

Apart from this,the app also supports third party fitness apps such as Pocket Yoga, Strava cycling and Runtastic six pack. It also enables you to access most of the smartphone features such as the usual call,text,email,Twitter etc. and download apps.

Fitbit Blaze

Fibit Blaze on the other hand can turn out to be a prized possession for fitness freaks. It is able to record multiple sport workouts,track activities and even record sleep patterns. At the end of the day you can access the activity log to find out the calories you have burnt,the steps one has climbed and so on. Even though it takes a backseat when it comes to external looks it is quite reliable for people to track their fitness levels.

Another factor that makes it to stand out is the compatibility. It can sync easily with more than 200 Android, iOS and Windows based devices through its Bluetooth 4.0 and the interesting aspect is that it can do this without access to an iPhone. It can even sync with with devices which are placed 20 feet apart. The blaze is available in 3 sizes namely small, large and extra large. It does not have a GPS but anyone can connect it with a smartphone to use the feature. You can choose the straps that are available in multiple colors or opt for a leather strap with metal links and frame. Those who wish to have smart phone like features in their phone can opt for Apple watch;else Fitbit Blaze turns out to be the best option as it also light on the pocket.