Have you ever been walked to your room and forgot why you went to room or what you went to pick up? Been at party somewhere are you couldn’t remember name of your old friend? It happens with everyone at some or the other point. Memory is a crucial thing for everyone of us, some people excel in it while most of the people get by remembering what we need to and our memory will fade as we get older.

Memory loss can be scary concept for those who are early 40’s and have seen the sign of forgetfulness. It’s often source of grief, embarrassment and confusion but there are several methods to avoid memory loss and improve memory over time. Just like physical exercises, even mental exercise is very important. Memory experts say that involving ourselves in tasks that forces us to think creatively can help us to increase our memory power. One of the best activity you can carry out to improve your memory is by playing cards. Yes, you heard it right you can boost your memory power with card games.

Card games will not only provide you with brain exercise but also provide various other benefits. Some of the great benefits of Card games are listed down:

Enhances other brain functions: If you play card game regularly, you can easily enhance various brain skills such as attention level, concentration, focus and intellectual skills. All the memory games including card games are developed with efforts to allow human brain to think critically.

Enhances visual discrimination: Along with memory power, training your memory power is also important for you to distinguish between two objects or find similarities among objects. With the help of card games, you can immediately find difference between picture and you won’t take too long to identify thing in normal time.

Improves creativity: Greater flexibility is required to solve the problems and reasoning. If you play card games regularly, you will have better problem solving skills, greater adaptability to change and think more creatively.

Teaches planning and foresight: By playing card games, the area of brain responsible for judgement, self control and planning is enhanced well. These games will push you to make better decisions.

Card games are best brain exercise that exercises certain parts of human brain. By continuously playing these games will make your brain sharp than people who don’t play card games.