Cardarine is popularly known as GW501516.It was nothing but a research chemical that was developed in the 90s to treat patients with tumours in the breasts and prostate glands. It has many outrageous advantages, the common among them being an increase in endurance. It also has the power to melt extreme fats and preserve muscles. For this reason, many athletes and body builders prefer to call it “a ridiculous endurance enhancing supplement”.

One of the benefits of using Cardarine is that it not just increases your stamina but it will also produce a boost in a person’s lifting abilities. The recuperation time is simply great and the yield of the product will expand with each exercise.GW501516 is very efficient in reducing fats and it will melt stubborn fats relatively fast. Also the product is catabolic. This is one of the reasons why GW is suitable for everyone. The product also has a significant impact on the cholesterol levels. The product is capable of building good cholesterol and it will reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

Cardarine is just sold as a SARM but it is in fact a PPAR delta agonist. Cardarine was only created to act as a tool in the medical field. But later it was found that the chemical works by activating the same pathways that are activated when we work out. GW501516 was initially developed by GSK and Ligand Pharma in the mid 1990s.The coimpound was initially used for the treatment of lipid strain but it was stopped by the year 2008.Now it is being used as an exploration compound. Competitors on the other hand utilize it for increasing the range of workouts and for various fat consuming purposes.

Cardarine was initially created to treat heart problems, stoutness, diabetes and even lipid strain. After taking this supplement, if a blood work is done, it will be found that the levels of good cholesterol has increased significantly.