Melbourne is a city located in Victoria, Australia. The city is one of the best places to live according to several surveys. The city is blessed with a pleasant weather. People here love to live and play outdoors most of the time. Hence the most important addition or renovation that people do to their homes is the addition of a deck. Decking Melbourne is a great profession to be in, if you have a creative bent of mind and are interested in designing

Installing decks is a great idea to enjoy, relax and host some parties in the outdoors. People usually like to spend a huge chunk of their time outdoors by installing decks. They will generally enjoy spending time with family, friends and even to have dinner and drinks in a deck especially during hot summers. Decking Melbourne however needs experience and great skills. Some of the points to bear in mind during the installation of decks are

Shade – Considering places which get relevant shade is crucial especially while designing decks in Australia. In some places however experienced professionals can suggest ideas for getting shade using shade clothes or growing creepers in the vicinity. These options will be considered if one has space constraints

Shelter – In some places along with protection from sun, protection from rain should be also considered while designing a deck. This is also dependent on your preferences in that some people like to live outdoors while others might want to use a deck only occasionally. One can make use of items like polycarbonate roofing or a composite material like Bondor in such cases.

Privacy – While a deck is a great place to relax outdoors it should also be designed keeping in mind the privacy of owners. One should look for views that the neighbours might have next to the place or above and should take precautions to avoid it by using well placed roofs, screens and even some landscaping ideas. One can also use screens if privacy is not much important to them always.

Space for all reasons – Everyone is aware of the fact that habitable land area is getting reduced with each passing year. Hence it is a good idea to design a deck which can be made suitable for all seasons and not just summer. Using an operable roof, a fire place , a pizza oven, external heaters are all great ideas to be considered which can make the deck usable even during winters.