Dental implants have become a common enough dental procedure. It has emerged as a life saver for people with lost or missing teeth. Previously the only available option for such people were dentures .These dentures could create problems while eating or speaking Also one needs to carry it everywhere, remove it overnight. They are also easily noticeable. But it is not true in case of dental implants. But for a person to undergo a successful dental implant procedure, one should have healthy gums.

Generally people who go for dental implants are the elderly people. Gum recession is a common enough problem. As one tends to age, gums begin to recede making them a difficult candidate for dental implants .Dental gum recession often happens unnoticed because it develops gradually. When the tissue supporting gums begin to wear away with age, tooth roots become exposed and sensitive as well. Some bacteria tends to build up in the gaps created by gum recession which can lead to infections. For some people, gums may begin to recede as a result of aggressive brushing or a lack of regular dental care.

In case a person has mild gum recession, dental implant procedure can be performed followed by a procedure called tooth scaling or root planning. Antibiotics and specialized rinses are also available to handle such cases. But if the gum recession is severe, a procedure known as gum graft should be performed. Grafting can help in restructuring the damaged tissue which can help in successful dental implants.

Gum grafting covers the exposed roots of the tooth and also acts as a shield against further recession of gums. The type of grafting procedure performed will depend upon your specific circumstances, but for most people, the soft tissue used for the graft will come from the roof of the mouth (the palate).Connective tissue grafts are the ones that are commonly used by dentists for patients who wish to have dental implants.

Gingival graft is another procedure which is used by dentists to treat people who have thin gums .In this case soft tissue that is directly removed from the palate is used. Pedicle graft is also performed in some cases by dentists to aid the procedure of dental implants.