People who are not aware of the world of music and the terms associated with it often get confused between the digital piano and the keyboard. Most of the people are of the assumption that both of these are the same. But both of these are very much different from each other even though they serve the same purpose. Let us have a look at the differences between the two of them.

Keyboards are essentially portable, light weight and compact. The size of keyboards is dependent on factors such as the number of keys in a keyboard. Keyboards usually comprise of 61 or 49 keys and hence they are much smaller in size when compared to digital pianos. Digital pianos will usually comprise of at least 61 keys and they never have more than 76 or 88 keys. Digital pianos are designed to be alternatives for the conventional acoustic pianos and hence they more or less have similar features. Digital pianos weigh anywhere between 25 to 60 pounds and are quite sturdily built when compared to keyboards.

Keyboards usually comprise of keys made of light weight plastic materials and they do not have any graded hammer action. The keys in this keyboard also do not have the touch sensitivity feature. Digital pianos on the other hand have real wooden keys and have an ivory or ebony structure associated with them. Most of the keyboards in a digital piano follow the graded hammer action technology. The keys in the keyboard of a digital piano are also graded which means that the keys towards the bass have a heavier touch when compared to the keys towards the treble.

Many digital pianos have fewer sounds when compared to the keyboards but the focus will be on the quality rather than the quantity. Keyboards cost anywhere in the range between $50 to $500.Digital pianos on the other hand vary in price between $400 to $5000.