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Hoverboards are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In fact there is no doubt that, hoverboards make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for kids and adults alike. Hoverbpoards are designed using sensors, microprocessors and gyroscopes. It does not require any manual effort and hence cannot be compared to a bicycle. The inbuilt sensors detect the direction of the rider and the electric motor spins the wheels accordingly or after getting information from the sensors.

Hoverboards these days are available in multiple colors, features and sizes. They are also affordable making it one of the most preferred gift choices of the season. Most of these are certified by the UL2272 which is considered to be the Gold standard for hoverboards. This standard assures that a certain hoverboard is extremely safe for use .But every person who wishes to buy a hoverboard and is scouring the online sites and markets for this purpose is now facing a newer dilemma .He or she will be flooded with choices and cannot choose the one. Some of the points to consider while buying that right hoverboard either for yourself or a loved one are

Build Quality – One should check the build quality of a hoverboard .While choosing online, one should go for a reputed brand as most of them use good quality materials. One should not make the mistake of investing in a bad quality hoverboard just because it comes at a cheaper price, as it might prove to be dangerous in the long run.

Speed – Some hoverboards are even designed to reach high speeds up to 12mph.But one should also consider the other features and their usage while buying a hoverboard.

Batteries and Charge Time – Batteries of a hoverboard play an important role, while one is considering t buy the device. A bad quality battery can overheat, cause fire to break out and can even determine how far a person can go ,the miles one can cover and it can also increase or decrease the weight of the hoverboard. A hover board with a short charging time and better efficiency is usually preferred by most of the buyers.

Cost – Hoverboard are these days available in the market with various price tags. Beginners can opt for a hoverboard which comes at a reasonable price. They should not buy very cheap ones also, as they may be manufactured using inferior quality parts. Also important are the features one wishes to have in his or her hoverboard.