Do you need help with improving your social media marketing campaign? The tips presented in the official blog of should help you get more subscribers and generate more sales.

Did you fill out your profiles properly? Adding details about your business and your products is a good way to get people interested in what you sell. You should also add links to your main site or blog in a visible spot. Update your profile regularly, for instance, by mentioning the latest products you have launched. Try using strong keywords in your profile and your social media pages will get indexed in search results.

If you do not have any original content to share, share an update someone else posted rather than a link to an external website you think would interest your audience. Choose an interesting update from an influential customers or partner. The person will appreciate that you are sharing their content, especially if it is an article they have written themselves. They will probably return the favor and share one of your updates.

Do not hesitate to tag people in your updates. Tagging customers is acceptable if you need to announce the winners of a contest, but avoid tagging people who might perceive it as an invasion of their privacy. Tag people who help you sell your products or who sell products your target audience will be interested in. If necessary, contact the people you plan on tagging to get their authorization. This is a good way to get influential people to share your updates or tag you in their next update.

Let your subscribers know you appreciate their comments and feedback. You can acknowledge a comment by ‘liking’ if you use Facebook or by writing an answer if you have the time. Let people know you appreciate their contributions and value their opinion. You should share polls and discussion questions once in a while to get your customers a chance to express themselves. Check all the comments and posts you are tagged in, and take the time to answer to everyone if you can.

Make your customers feel valued by sharing the content they create. You can get customers to send you pictures or videos of themselves using your products by organizing a contest or simply by offering a discount to everyone who tags you in a picture or video they made or a review they wrote. Besides exposing their friends to this content, you will then get some original content you can share with your audience and eve use on your site or blog if you need some pictures or reviews.

Before you share something, ask yourself how valuable it will be to your audience. You should plan on sharing exclusive information and coupon codes regularly, and you will notice that more people will subscribe to your social media updates. Write some original articles, and keep them until you run out of quality content to share. You can even recycle some of your old articles if they are more than six months old. Keep track of how many comments each update gets and of how many people share it and create more content similar to your popular updates.

Use these tips to improve your social media marketing campaign and generate more sales. You should monitor your results closely to get a better idea of how efficient each strategy really is.