The Canadian Government provides business visas to people who have the qualities that can aid in building a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. In order to obtain a business visa to settle in Canada, immigrants are expected to make an investment of $400,000 initially. There are three types of visas for business immigrants in Canada. Self employed persons, entrepreneurs and investors can visit Canada using a business visa. After submitting the visa, people are selected by the immigration council members based on the ability of immigrants to become economically established.

In order to enter Canada as an investor with the Immigrant Investor Program, a person should be able to prove his business experience and should show funds up to CAN $800,000 which he or she should have earned legally. Also he must be ready to make an investment of $400,000.The Citizenship and immigration Council will return back the amount of $400,000, without any interest after a duration of five years. Along with all the other criteria, the candidate who applies for the visa is required to have three years of experience in managing an industrial, commercial or agricultural company.

Coming to the Immigration Ways, the program is aimed at attracting experienced personnel who will take the responsibility of managing business in Canada. The people in this category are selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to the economy and create jobs .In order to apply for a visa through this category; a person should have proven experience in running a business. Also he should have a net worth of CAN $300,000.These people are provided a visa based on the criteria that they commit themselves towards managing and owning at least one third of a business of a predetermined size. They should run the business successfully for a duration of at least 1year within the three years of them landing in Canada. They should provide a written letter stating that they will follow the above mentioned conditions. If the candidates and their family members meet all the eligibility criteria they will be granted a visa by the immigration council only after a thorough criminal and security examination.

The self employed persons program provides business visa to people who have experience in a particular field that will enable them to make a worthy contribution towards the betterment of athletic or cultural life of people in Canada or they should have a certain experience in farm management with the ability to buy a farm in Canada and manage it.