When you want to use free phone tracking software, it is necessary you must try for other application’s free trials. This will help to see accuracy of various software packages and hence choosing the best software. This free tracking service enables you to keep tab of contacts. This is to identify the whereabouts of your needed contact members displayed on google map. However, you need to download the google map on your mobile phone. In case if your phone missing, you can use this tracking service to locate your stolen phone.

When one of your contact want you to be tracked, you will receive an e-mail request for this. You might wonder whether to accept or reject it. Even if you give accept your request, danger lies with forgetting to turn off the tracking option when you need to.

It helps to recover your stolen phone or lost device. It helps to find your location when you are travelling long distances. To use phone tracking application, you need not be an officer of government or you don’t need a legitimate reason. There are several tools available for phone tracking and you need to pay for accessing it and some may offer you free services too. Let us browse this site about phone tracking tools.

It is possible to install the tracking software only when your phone is GPS-enabled. But now many of the smart phones got built-in GPS chips. For example, the newer cell phones such as BlackBerry, Motorola iDen, Boost Mobile, Windows Mobile, etc. already have GPS chips on them. When you buy such cell phones, you can easily install the tracking application in it.

First create an account using your email and password. Then, download and install the required software within few minutes by following an explanation video. Finally log in and start monitoring the phone. This tracking software used even to trace your lost mobile phones. For this, log into the software and enter your phone number to get phone’s location.