Men were not paying much attention to jewellery in the past. They used to wear no other piece of jewellery other than a wedding band. Jewellery was mostly worn by women and not by men. But the evolving fashion trends have made jewellery an integral part of men’s life.

Men have been wearing jewellery since historical times. One could find them wearing pendants, bracelets, necklaces, amulets, chains, rings and many more. But in the past century or so, it was considered a taboo for men to wear jewellery and they stopped wearing it. But the trend is now coming back slowly from Aspiring Gentleman.

Some of the types of men’s jewellery that is much in demand these days are

Watches – Watches are the most common pieces of jewellery that one could see a man wearing. It provides a sense of sophistication and it can be considered to be more of a status symbol. A good brand of watch is both classy and functional as well. One should choose a watch that is proportional to the size of a man’s wrist. While wearing a watch, a man should consider that watches with metallic straps are best suited for formal occasions. On the contrary, a watch with a leather strap is considered to be well suited for both formal and informal occasions.

Necklaces – Necklaces are mostly considered to be a woman’s accessory. But it is no longer so. Men can wear necklaces, but it should be of a minimal design. More often than not, the necklaces with pendants should be worn with silver chains for a minimal look. These necklaces look best when worn over a plain T-shirt. Layered pendants are any pendants of your choice can be combined with these chains. Also it is not good to wear more than 2 necklaces at a given time. Metal necklaces create that formal look and a person can wear it on a formal occasion.

Bracelets – Bracelets should be worn according to the colour of your watch. However it should not be worn on the same arm. Also take care not to mix Gold and Silver jewellery as it might look a little bit odd at times. While trying to choose a bracelet to wear with business or casual outfits, you should go for leather or wooden bracelets. You can wear 2 or 3 of these bracelets at any given time. This will create a more stylish look.

Rings – Rings are that one piece of jewellery which never goes out of fashion. When it comes to rings, men initially think of just their wedding bands. But there also exists many other types of rings.