We all want to maintain our gardens or lawns without any weeds or pests. Sometimes it may be difficult to achieve this, because it is not so easy to remove the garden weeds as they grow fast, and the pests will not take much time to spread in the whole garden. Even if we are maintaining our gardens with a proper care, the weeds and pests may ruin the whole garden in few days.

The plants may look diseased or weaken, because the weeds are making the soil less fertile and the fertility is being grabbed by the weeds thus affecting the garden plants. So, it is better to remove the garden weeds to save your plantations. The use of best weed killer can make your way easy in removing the garden weeds. For a hobbyist gardener, who want to grow variety of plantations in his field or garden must make use of weed killers which removes the patch of infertile soil.

The non-selective weed killers can be used once all the plantations are removed and before sowing the new crops make sure that all the weeds are removed and even the sprouts of the weeds shouldn’t be there in the soil. This type of weed killer should be used before sowing the seeds in your garden. Because, it is not only poisonous for weeds, but it is a poison for other kind of plants as well. So, it removes the weeds as well as the remaining’s of old plants and thus the land is ready for new crops or other plantations. The weed killer acts as a cleansing agent for the soil and thus it improves the nourishment of the soil.

So, before purchasing the weed killer it is better to make sure whether it is pre-emergent weed killer or post-emergent. Because the pre-emergent weed killers terminates the process of weed sprouting and if you make use of it after the sowing it may affect the growth of the plants as well. If you want to use the weed killer after the sowing of seeds it is better to opt for post-emergent weed killers. The use of pre-emergent weed killer is advisable only when you want to clear the weeds of the whole land including the traces of old plants.