The Tower Defence Games also called the TD Games are a sub-genre of the computer based strategy games. The common goal like other strategy games is to survive and earn points by building towers on the game terrain. The enemies, also called the creepers, then appear and these towers automatically attack the enemies as they pass. The higher number of enemies killed bags the maximum number of points that in turn can be used to buy new towers or upgrade the existing ones. The players start with a certain number of lives and lose one every time the enemy escapes. When all the lives are finished, the game ends.

The Tower Defence Games differ in terrain and rules by which the enemy can pass through and the types of towers and weapons also differ that are available to the players. Most of the games use a maze or a set of pathways that the enemies generally follow, making the player able to understand that which tower positions will cause the maximum damage to the creepers. Some games give the enemies the access to move in straight lines and such games are referred to as line Tower Defence games.

In other words the placement of the towers determines the player’s success where these towers vary in their range, the amount of damage they can cause and the kind of enemies they will extract or attack upon. Therefore, not only the right placement of towers but the right combination of these towers with the creepers is also important.

The earlier credited Games inspired many other designers to create their own TD games. Their success resulted in the game being ported to a number of gaming platforms to offer multiplayer action. The elements of the Games made an appearance in other games as well. The proliferation of TD games has induced the designers to produce many inventive variations of the original game as in the changes in rules, terrain and back story. Some games allow the replacement of towers with characters such as wizards and archers, changing their range of possible placement and types of attacks.

The Tower Defence Games may be set in a canyon, the sky or other settings. Versions for children use the scenario of protecting picnickers from ants, while a dungeon version introduces zombies, wraiths and other traditional dungeon dwellers. Recently, a Flash-based browser version was launched in Tower Defence Games which has become a big hit with its difficult circumstances and difficult problems to solve.

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