Skin tags usually appear in between the skin folds and they are not harmful. Tags are small wrinkle like structure, usually hangs through the stalk, it can also be called as a small tumor structure and if they left untreated, for sure they never go cancerous. It is not painful as well except in some situations like when sweating is more or due to constant friction of skin folds.

For the growth of skin tags, there is no definite reason. It may appear for hereditary reason, due to obesity, in pregnant women and diabetic people due to hormonal variations etc. So, there is no specific reason for the growth of skin tags and middle age people are more prone to these skin tags.

Even if you don’t treat the tags, they never affect you in any means for life time. The only reason for preferring for skin tag removal procedures is due to aesthetics. Because, growth of skin tags in the public areas like face and arms make you to look ugly and many people feel very embarrassed to attend public celebrations.

Before operating the tag, just make sure with the dermatologist whether it can be removed with natural procedures or it requires medical procedures. If the growth of skin tags are not in bunch or big size of few centimeters, then it can be treated on your own using natural remedies. If you are afraid about the pain related to natural removal procedures, go for medical treatment.

For any choice of method, safety should be your major priority. If you go for medical procedures they will give the option of Cryotherapy, freezing and cauterization. We can choose any method based on our comfort, but all these procedures are costly, and they also don’t come under medical insurance. Because, skin tag removal procedures come under the category of cosmetic treatment.

If you are thinking of natural procedures like ligation or use of clippers to remove the tags, make sure you have sterilizers during and after the removal procedures. If you are using clippers or scissors, they need to be applied with sterilizers and after operating apply disinfectants to the operated region. Natural skin tag removal products, vitamin for skin tags are safer and pain free method of removal of skin tags and there are no side effects of applying these products over the tags.