Private investigators and investigating agencies are aplenty in cities like Melbourne. The services of these private investigators are also in great demand. But the first question that cones to a person’s mind when he plans to hire a private investigator is the cost involved in hiring one. The costs may vary depending on the job, the qualification and experience of an investigator and other related factors.

Licensed private investigators usually charge three types of investigation fees in Melbourne and some other parts of Australia. Flat hourly rate is usually charged in case of certain jobs like finding missing people. Mileage fees are charged by private investigators if your job involves following a certain person. This fee will be charged on the basis of every kilometre. This fee should be paid along with the standard hourly rates by investigators. The common norm is to charge for this mileage from a call out location. Another type of fees includes the incidental fees. This comprises of the out of pocket expenses like entry fees and other costs that the investigator may incur while carrying out surveillance type of jobs. Investigators are however required to produce detail record of these incidental fees before claiming the same from a client. Reliable agencies will be well versed in carrying out the tasks and can provide a clear picture beforehand. Thus customers are not charged with any hidden fees at a later time.

Some private investigators and even agencies try to lure in clients by cutting their prices. But most of the times, the service will not be on par with good detective agencies. Also it can be an unlicensed detective who will try to trick clients by using such methods. One should stay away from such fake investigators. Genuine private investigators who are licensed will charge similar prices more or less.

It is important to choose a licensed private investigator and they cost more due to the cost of licenses. If you hire a private investigator who is not licensed in Melbourne, both the investigator and the client can be charged by the law enforcement agencies for multiple crimes such as stalking, invasion of privacy etc. They can also make the situation more difficult thereby increasing costs.