The rise in the use of internet has led to many changes in our lives. In particular, this rise in internet has also led to rise of online gaming. Earlier, people were limited to play video games in slow computers with crawling dialup speed but today, online games are very advanced. The gaming technology has progressed to an amazing level.

Playing online games has become a great source of entertainment for all age group, there are numerous types of online games to keep players entertained for hours. With emergence of PC’s and game consoles, game developers have created amazing games under io Games, Flash games and HTML 5 games categories. Things like streaming 3D animation, sound and audio quality, graphics of game has an ability to make us all addict to gaming. Although, few people claim playing online games can be harmful, here are few benefits you get from online gaming.

Boosts memory and cognitive development: Online games are not exclusive, players will have full access to choose from variety of games. These online games can actually help to boost your memory and develop your cognitive skills. Puzzles, quizzes, trivia, logic and problem solving games help improve your brain function. Since the internet is growing vigorously, you have limitless source of games to challenge yourself with new exciting activities.

Keeps your mind active: As our lives will go through different problems that decline our physical and mental health, it is important to take steps in keeping our mind and body healthy. Regular exercise and healthy diet will help to prevent the physical losses, to avoid mental stress, one should maintain active brain. Online games can help to curb all the loss.

Improves vision: Online games will sharpen the visual processing skills of a player. We often believe that watching the bright screen will cause serious problems like eyestrain and dry eye syndrome but few researches have proven it wrong. Studies show that gamers perform better than non-gamers in many visual tasks.

Decreases anti-social behavior: With online games, players tend to become socially active. Players will interact and play games with complete strangers online this in turn helps them to maintain a good social life.

Improves focus and attention: Many parents worry that their kid will sit in classroom and think just about games rather than focusing on their lessons but some researches proven that gamers have good focus and attention compared to non-gamers.