Many business owners use Instagram to promote their services and/or products. This is not surprising at all considering how Instagram has become quite a popular choice for “shopping” for many people nowadays. It’s easy, you can search for almost anything you need, and you can review the online stores by reading the comments from other consumers.

If you too own an online business, one of the most common questions you might have come across is as to whether you need to buy Instagram likes and followers? Now, this can a double edged sword because if used correctly, buying your Instagram likes and followers can help boost your business, but do it recklessly, you might spoil your business’ good name and reputation.

So how would you know if you really need to buy Instagram followers? Here, we list the advantages of having followers that you can purchase from SocialShaft.

It helps to keep things rolling

If you’re a new business and you find it hard to get exposure and/or audience, buying likes and followers can help you gain some leverage. More often than not, if you were to buy likes and followers from an independent company (that are not affiliated with your social media provider), these likes and followers come from dummy accounts where the users are inactive and the company simply provide you the numbers. If you choose to have your Instagram account sponsored by Instagram platform, then you will stand better chance in actually gaining quality likes and followers that will translate into leads. Online users are often more trusting towards a business account with many followers because it tells them that the seller is trustworthy.

It gets the word out

When there are many likes and followers on your account, the chances of your followers sharing your content is higher. Whether you’re selling general items for household or if you’re selling materials for artisanal products, the number of your followers on the account can have a significant impact in getting your content out there.

You have more interaction

When there are many followers on your account, there is an increase of activity. You can engage with your customers, you can have a poll to get their view on something, or you can also promote your business further by having a giveaway for your followers. There are many ways for you to expand your business if you choose to be actively involved with them.

It’s not a guarantee that you will see an increase in revenue if you were to buy likes and followers. But it should give you a good enough head start to get your business rolling.